Welcome to my mind.

Here are some of my works, feel free to brows and enjoy my life. Should you want to contact me you can reach me at bbozy@aol.com

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My graphic cards (static)             (video)

 Paintings                 (static)            ( video )  

 indoor sculpture (static)               (video)

 Outdoor sculptures (static)          ( video)

 Multimedia    ( video )

  Photographs ( video )  

  Collage a visual  biography.  

  Family Pictures ( video ) 

  Anna Lisa ( video )

    A Dogs life ( video )

 My orchard, ( video )

   The Gazebo( video )

   Furniture (static)

Esthetical Machines (static)

Arbor, Fence

The Wave     ( my book)

(my wife's work)  Karen 


       Paul  Ben  Bruce  Ed    

                      Should You wish to reach me you can do so at  bbozy@aol.com  

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